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February 3, 2011

Southeast Iowa reactions to the storm

Courier Staff Writer

OTTUMWA — We asked area residents to send in what they think they will remember about the Blizzard of 2011. Here are their comments:

I spent the blizzard shoveling out my grandma's driveway with the shovel and the snowblower that dies out all the time. I also spent the day putting salt on grandma's driveway. I think this is the winter I will remember where the snow in the drive came almost to my waist line.

— Josh Bethune, Ottumwa

We spent the blizzard staying in. We watched movies and cartoons with the kids and kept warm. The next morning my husband spent 4 hours trying to shovel, and get the vehicles ready. Thanks to a good samaritan, our road was plowed six hours before the city trucks made their appearance. I would have liked to let the kids play in the snow, but the temps were too low.

— Brandi Benedict, Ottumwa

I baked cherry turnovers, cleaned a little, did some laundry, checked on family and friends, read C.S. Lewis and played on the computer!

— Deborah Dyer, Galesburg, Ill (formerly of Ottumwa)

Had to dig from the inside of the house to get outside, couldn't open front door. Husband was stranded at work until someone could get there to take his place so I started digging us out was. started at six and was still digging us out when he pulled up. Finished digging out the driveway and then had to dig his car out because he got stuck in the street. Took us about five hours to dig out the front and the back. What I will remember is the snow drifts in our yard.

— Ruth Richards, Ottumwa

I played princess dress-up, 4 year old make-up party, cooked chili, played wii, and snuggled around the house with my little girls. It took me 2 hours to shovel my walk way, side walk and dig my car out. :) I don't mind being snowed in for a day or two.

— Missy Thomason, Ottumwa

My son [took] my parents' snow blower all the way from Clem Street up Benton and to our place on Frank Street and about half way up Frank street. He and a neighbor boy also helped several people who got their cars stuck off and on all day.

My crazy puppy went crazy playing in the snow late Tuesday night ... She didn't even care that it came up to her back!

— Jamie Morford Buseman, Ottumwa

We live west of Eldon. Our nephew cleared a path with a skid loader yesterday afternoon so they could get out this morning and go to work. Then this morning the County finally were able to come through with a pickup and blade. No mail or courier since Tuesday.

— Janice Elder Albert, Eldon

Day started (Wed.) with a four foot drift in front of door and the door refused to open more than four inches. Dog looked out and refused to exit. Dachshunds are not particular fond of snow at least ours isn't. He elected to wait inside until the landlords came along and shoveled us out.Thank heavens for wonderful landlords, Beth and Allen Ware. Our funance supplied great heat throughout the storm but the toliet refused to work and in the mist of things it had to be replaced again, we thank those good landlords.

— Marlyn Robinson, Ottumwa


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