The Ottumwa Courier

February 20, 2013

My new little love

Et Cetera

former Courier editor

OTTUMWA — On Christmas morning in 1978, I received the best Christmas present I ever would receive — my darling baby daughter.

And this year, that young woman brought me the best birthday present ever — my darling baby grandson.

Max Krieger King decided to come into the world in February, which his mother wanted, and so he joins my Geary family line of February birthdays: my brother Jack’s, my aunt’s, mine and my mom’s. I thought it would be special if Max waited to come Feb. 10 on Mom’s birthday, but the little guy was ready to come before that, so 8 p.m. Feb. 7 is his birthdate. Just absolutely perfect in every way, looking exactly like both Katy and Scott.

Grandma Bonnie and I watched through the nursery window as Max was weighed, measured and tended to. I was astonished that they had to give him a bath, and we watched as nurse Dawn handled him deftly, showing us how to bathe a newborn. I was thinking, gee, he really didn't have time to get dirty, did he?

Bonnie and I found out we didn’t know a lot of the new routines for newborns. Thirty-to-forty some years later, it is quite different with the goal of making sure both baby and mom were OK.

The King family is home getting used to each other. Baby Max sure lets them know when he needs changing or is hungry. For neither parent having much experience with babies, they have come a long way. Katy handles him delicately. Scott can hold Max in one hand and plays with him more, as much as you can play with a baby a few days old. But hey, if Max can already roll over on one side to sleep and can pull out some of his dad’s chest hair, well, I think he is strong and is doing just fine.

I am thrilled to have another little Aquarian in the family, and we all feel so truly blessed.

The special moment for both Bonnie and I was when Scott came down the hall, tears streaming down his face, holding his son. He just had to show the grandmas right away. It was a lovely moment I hope I never forget and reminded me of the first time I saw my daughter when the nurse brought her into my room, and Katy was pretty and pink, those blue eyes looking all around.

Of course you know I have to say this: Baby Max is the most beautiful, perfect little boy ever born!

I am a grandma. And, I love it!

Judy Krieger is a retired Courier editor.