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July 30, 2012

Moving away from 'Three-Digit Land'

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Courier Staff Writer

OTTUMWA — Never in my life did I ever think I’d do the happy dance for 90 degrees.

I don’t like intense heat, and I start to wilt when the ol’ thermometer hits 80 degrees. But the recent heat wave has caused temperatures to stay in “Three-Digit Land.”

When the mercury is that high, the thermometer outside is too hot to touch. Even the plants and trees look like they’re tortured.

Sunday morning was different. When I raised the window blind at my kitchen sink, I looked outside but couldn’t figure out what had changed. All the green things in the back yard seemed different from Saturday.

When I looked out the bathroom window, I could see darkness in the driveway. I muttered to myself about people who walk the alleys and throw down their drink cups, bottles and other trash.

I dressed and went outside to see what was behind my car in the drive. I was stunned. It was a rain puddle. Wow! I started laughing at myself and scared off half the birds hanging around the bird bath.

I knew it’d been a long time since I’d seen any rain puddles, but I didn’t think it’d been that long. Surprise, surprise.

As for my lack of resistance to intense heat, I think Death Valley did that to me years ago. My family was on vacation, and Dad wanted to drive through the area. He had filled the cooler with ice and most of the family was OK.

However, when Mom said I couldn’t have any more ice chips for a while, I wasn’t a happy girl and I shared that with the family.

I haven’t gone back to Death Valley so Mother Nature decided this was the year she would bring it to me!