The Ottumwa Courier

August 23, 2013

Saturday Night Live

Ottumwa Courier

---- — Saturday night liveliness is more like it.

Little Max entertained his grandmas in fine fashion during a weekend supper planned by his parents.

"We let him sleep so he'd be ready to party," Scott laughed as little Max laughed with his dad.

Katy held him while he slept two hours in the afternoon. By the time Bonnie and I arrived, Max was up and at 'em.

The little guy kept looking at all of us. "What is this?" he thought. "Everyone I love here in the same room." He'd look to Scott, to Katy, to Bonnie and to me. "Wow. What a night."

Bonnie and I took turns holding our grandson. She put him in the jumper thing, and he played and jumped and made music and noise. Just the few days since I'd seen him in it, he has learned to make his feet go and turn all the toys that rim the ring holding him.

Isn't it amazing, we all said, that one little 6-month-old can take over a house, both literally and emotionally. A swing and a play mat have taken over the living room. The jumper and a new high chair are in the kitchen. Right now, the rest of Max's stuff is upstairs in his room.

Bonnie and I both asked Scott what we could bring to the first family supper. Nothing, he said. He wanted to do it all. Oh, what joy, I thought. My daughter married a guy who likes to cook and is a good cook. I'll be a guest anytime.

Max tried out his new high chair for the first time, sitting at the table with the four of us. "Hey, where's my food," he thought.

He watched us munch on corn on the cob, delicious grilled steaks and chicken and baked potatoes with all the trimmings.

Scott got pretty much through his dinner when Max decided that he had tried out the new high chair long enough and started whimpering. Finally, Scott gave in and put his son in the crook of his arm. "We eat meals like this all the time," Katy said. Max can be good as gold, but when the food is on the table and the parents sit down, he makes his wants known.

I finished, so Scott gave the baby to me and we walked around the house, trying the look-out-the-window trick. Well, this time it just wasn't doing the trick.

So the parents debated back and forth on the time of the last bottle.

"He's hungry, feed him," I said. Katy got the bottle ready and sat in the chair, giving Max his supper.

Bonnie and I helped clear the table. Scott filled the dishwasher while Bonnie and I sat on the sofa watching Max drift off to sleep. He would have, too, but Katy decided she needed a burp out of him.

Well, that woke him up. He went from very sleepy to, "Hey, you're all still here," and instantly woke up smiling and ready to play.

What a guy.

Katy put him on his quilt on the carpet, and Max rock 'n rolled and played like the happy baby he usually is.

While enjoying Scott's delicious dessert, Bonnie and I were captivated by our grandson's maneuvers, those coy looks he gives us and the funny faces and funny sounds he emits. He's using his favorite little ball now to do leg squashes. He is so close to crawling. He gets those legs pumping while lying on his tummy and uses his arms to push up and gaze around. Soon he will figure out if he moves his arms, his legs will follow, and off he will go.

It's almost time for child gates to be put in at the stairs.

Bonnie and I watch Max usually a couple times a week and see him other times, too. Even when we haven't seen him for a couple days, we are amazed how different he looks (his hair is coming in just fine) and what new things he has learned.

Scott thinks that his son is trying to figure out how to undo the car seat straps.

Max Krieger King is our pride and joy. He is such a happy baby and a joy to be around.

It was the best Saturday night ever!

Judy Krieger is a retired Courier editor.