The Ottumwa Courier

January 9, 2013

Monopoly players asked which token should leave game


OTTUMWA — Have a favorite Monopoly token? Most people do.

How would you feel if that token walked off the board, permanently?

Hasbro, the game's maker, has announced that "every Monopoly token has landed in jail." As proof it offers a suspect lineup showing, from left to right, the car, thimble, shoe, scottie dog, battleship, top hat, iron and wheelbarrow.

One, the company says, will be locked up forever. The public will choose which one.

The car, or Inmate 52735, can't pass inspection. The boot is a suspect given that the other side of the pair has not been seen in decades. The scottie? It, Hasbro charges, refuses to sit.

The jailed token will have a replacement. A guitar, helicopter, cat, diamond ring and a robot are the options and, like the classic tokens, the public will vote on which gets into the game.

Both votes are taking place on the Monopoly Facebook page. As of Wednesday afternoon, the thimble and scottie looked pretty safe, but the top hat and wheelbarrow were in trouble.

The new token will be revealed on Feb. 6.