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November 2, 2012

What women really want (and how we can get it)



But back to women. If the Democrats really want to demean the fairer sex, at least they could do it with some flair. Let me show them how it's done.

What do women want? Women want to turn on the TV for the president's State of the Union address to find a drop-dead handsome guy who looks as if he just stepped out of the shower (and unfortunately took time to get dressed first).

We want someone who is good with a spatula, who looks like a million bucks in his chef's apron as he flips a stack of jacks and serves breakfast to 124 members of his immediate family.

We want a rich and generous guy, someone who is always first to pick up the tab.

We want a family man, a guy with a lot of expensive homes, and yes, even ones with car elevators.

The only problem for the Democrats is that what women want seems to line up with Republican Mitt Romney.


Caroline Baum, author of "Just What I Said," is a Bloomberg View columnist.

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