The Ottumwa Courier

April 18, 2013

Wapello County road closures

Ottumwa Courier

OTTUMWA — The most dramatic damage from the storms was on 90th Street, where flash flooding washed out a large section of the road.

The damage, photos of which quickly made the rounds online, means the road won't be open again anytime soon. County Engineer Brian Moore said the road will be closed for repairs "most of the summer."

Here's a listing of the roads closed right now. These roads are closed at this time and will remain closed until Monday, April 22nd. Of course 90th Street will remain closed indefinitely.

South Walnut Street

28th Street from 48th Avenue to 42nd Avenue ~ Eldon

River Road east of Eldon from Eldon to Davis County Line

Rabbit Run

118th Avenue from 165th Street to 180th Street

92nd Street West of Compentine Road

100th Street West of Compentine Road

90th Avenue from 15th Street to Davis County Line

Cemetary Road from Fox Hills Road to Cliffland Road

Rock Bluff Road from 180th Avenue to Whiskey Ridge

Bladensburg Road from Competine Road to 15th Avenue

120th Street East of Competine

50th Avenue from 120th Street to 130th Street

Dahlonega Road from Agency Hedrick Road to Farson Road

180th Street from 118th Avenue to 110th Avenue

Whiskey Risge from T61 to 237th Avenue

210th Avenue from Whiskey Ridge to 132nd Street

200th Avenue from 132nd Street to 125th Street

63rd Avenue from Ashland Road to 48th Avenue

48th Avenue from Ashland Road to 63rd Avenue