The Ottumwa Courier

April 27, 2013

Students adapt to environmental efforts

By CINDY TOOPES Courier staff writer
Ottumwa Courier

---- — BLOOMFIELD — On a sunny Friday, Davis County elementary students were outside enjoying sunshine, talking about plants and picking up trash.

Volunteers from Cargill talked to the students about how the green plants do their job in the springtime. They talked about seeds, and the volunteers showed them how to start corn and bean plants from seeds.

Patricia West, one of the Cargill volunteers and the environmental coordinator, said the group shared information with third-grade students. Each student received two cartons for working with baby plants.

West also said the volunteers could choose projects from three different stations — endangered animals, water conservation and starting a garden for the school.

Volunteers from Cargill Meat Solutions and Corn Milling donated two plants to each student. They said West came up with the school activity but she insisted the project was a team effort. West said Cargill celebrates not only Earth Day but also World Environment Day, which will be June 5.

“Cargill is honored to sponsor education that includes planting trees and cleaning up outdoor areas,” West said. “Students wanted garden starters and vegetables for the school cafeteria.”

Rod Lynch is a member of Cargill’s leadership team and works at the Eddyville corn milling plant. He spoke of Cargill’s commitment to offering kids a chance to “learn a different way.

“I feel honored to sponsor education like planting trees and cleaning up trash outside,” he said. “This is a fun event for learning those basics. We’re here to honor Earth.”