The Ottumwa Courier

November 2, 2012

Lies abound over automobile industry


OTTUMWA — As an employee of Champion Spark Plug, an auto supplier manufacturer located in southeast Iowa, I am thankful President Obama made a strong bet on the American worker and chose to rescue the auto industry. The Big 3 auto companies are important customers for us. We may not be in Detroit or Ohio, but manufacturing still plays a large role in Iowa’s economy, and we have 72,000 jobs tied to the automobile industry.

There are a lot of negative ads on the air, so I’m used to tuning it all out. But when I saw and heard Mitt Romney’s TV and radio ads falsely claiming that Chrysler is moving its Jeep production to China and implying President Obama was responsible, I was truly astonished and baffled. We know it was Mitt Romney who said “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” We know it was Mitt Romney and his company, Bain Capital, who pioneered the outsourcing of jobs to China. Now that it’s the end of the campaign, he’s resorted to desperate tactics to smear the president’s record and support of the American worker. The truth is Chrysler is hiring more workers for its Jeep division and planning on selling American cars to Chinese consumers.

I’m supporting the president who supported me when our industry needed it the most thanks to the Wall Street crisis. We simply can’t trust Mitt Romney to keep his word or fight on behalf of the middle class.

Bruce Scheitlin


U.A.W. Local 1237