The Ottumwa Courier

October 27, 2012

Remember our recent history as you vote


OTTUMWA — As we cast our votes for president, we should remember a few things from recent history. When President Obama was elected, the country was in the grips of a recession caused by a financial crisis. Unemployment was rising, and we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month. Financial experts said we were headed toward another depression. We had two wars going on with no end in sight. The rest of the world questioned America’s leadership. Millions were without health insurance and denied health care because they had a pre-existing condition.

Move forward four years to 2012. As president, Barack Obama brought America’s misguided adventure in Iraq to an end. He stopped the economic downturn with his fiscal stimulus program. We are now gaining jobs instead of losing them. Five million new jobs have been created since he was president, and the unemployment rate is down to a four-year low. Because of his loans to the auto industry, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been saved, and our automobile companies are successful again. Home prices are rising again. The stock market is up, too.

He obtained passage of an historic health care law, which will benefit millions of people who are uninsured. Nobody will be denied health insurance simply because they have a pre-existing condition or can’t afford insurance. Small businesses will be given tax credits so that they can provide their employees health insurance. Young people can stay on their parents’ health insurance plan until they are 26 years old. Individuals who already have health insurance can keep their insurance.

I believe the United States is better off internationally under President Obama. The United States is respected around the world again. Osama Bin Laden is dead, as are many leaders of al Qaeda. He obtained a nuclear weapons treaty with Russia, which will reduce the number of nuclear weapons both countries have and make the world safer.

I believe our country has been well served by President Obama’s temperament and level-headed leadership. He’s an honest man and can be trusted to do what’s right by the American people. I believe President Obama has earned another term in office and deserves our vote on Nov. 6.

Arash Yarpezeshkan