The Ottumwa Courier

September 29, 2012

Obama deserves another four years


CENTERVILLE — This letter is an appeal to all voters regardless of their political leanings to return President Obama to the office of President of the United States. He deserves another four years to continue the policies so beneficial to Americans. The fact that he even wants to lead our country amazes me. This is despite all the ridiculous and negative issues (many without factual basis) bantered about of his presidency.

All evidence points to the fact that Obama’s stimulus package did work by having a positive impact on our economy. An impact that could be measured, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. The stimulus, by the CBO’s calculations, raised actual gross domestic product every quarter since 2009. An average of 2.3 million jobs were created or saved during the first three years, when 90 percent of the money was spent. The impact of the stimulus law was felt directly in Iowa, which has received nearly $4 billion. More than half went to Medicaid and extensions and expansions of unemployment insurance benefits. Much of the rest helped Iowa cities avoid layoffs of teachers and police officers (Des Moines Register, Sept. 16, 2012).

Obama did exactly what needed to be done in the Health Reform Law. Sure, it will lower reimbursements to hospitals and nursing homes. But, to keep track of all this, an independent advisory board made up of a panel of health care experts will make recommendations to help slow spending in the program. This is something which Congress has absolutely been unable to do, mainly because of influences by special interests. This law will also raise taxes on wealthy Americans to help pay for the reform. These are the same wealthy Americans whose income has increased during Obama’s presidency. The Republicans keep telling us the private sector is much better equipped to handle our health care. Whoa, who are they kidding? Look at the private insurance companies, their huge CEO salaries and the fortunes we see spent on their gorgeous buildings and the “perks” for their employees. All of that needs money that is NOT being spent on health care!

There will always be people who will deny some or even all of the above facts precisely because they want to deny President Obama his chance to lead our country for four more years. So be it!

Justine Heffron