The Ottumwa Courier

November 22, 2012

Names for new school should have local tie


OTTUMWA — In regards to a name for the new school: Liberty? (As akin to Liberty Island, NYC)? We’re nowhere near the Beacon of Hope; nor are we close to the edifice of Ellis Island. God forbid Battery Park. Eschew the Big Apple. We are indeed a prairie state. Timber View? Stoney Creek aptly describes a portion of the country landscape. As for Discovery, perhaps Bluegrass venues would be better received. The name would reflect our inborn (or innate) interest and pride in our natural resources, rather than the “scientific America” bent of Discovery.

Not to shun “academia,” but I genuinely think the new school should be named after an educator, such as a well-liked hometown coach (soccer, hoops or otherwise).

I am light years removed from school systems and even the community as a mainstream. With all due respect to all deserving potential “candidates,” the established persons of Coach Bill Kramer or Coach Bonnie Cobler come to mind. Indeed, apropos and long-term role models notwithstanding. May I also suggest Mike McWilliams, OHS’ longtime swim coach to the roster of possibilities of the “name your school” game.

Bonnie Wilson