The Ottumwa Courier

March 30, 2013

Bloomburg’s ideas different than Iowa


SALEM — Many here in Iowa seem of the opinion that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is out of line in wanting to limit sugared drinks to 16 ounces and further control cigarette smoking.

So be it. The voters of New York elected Bloomberg. They must welcome his government-imposed efforts to limit obesity, diabetes and cancer. What business is it of ours?

Bloomberg knows obesity and diabetes are out of control and smoking causes cancer. He also knows most of us — particularly our kids — lack the self-control to resist the powerful marketing of products that do us harm.

Bloomberg calls for action! New Yorkers must as well — or they would vote him out.

Here’s the deal! If Iowans want to gamble, smoke in casinos, ride motorcycles without helmets and have our kids drink 32-ounce sodas with endless refills, we will elect people who agree with our demise. Apparently that’s what we prefer.

If New Yorkers prefer Bloomberg — that’s their business.

Dave Helman