The Ottumwa Courier

October 20, 2012

God’s destruction is coming for our nation


OTTUMWA — Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage is a giant stride toward the destruction of our nation by God at the end of this generation. God has a four-generation plan for all nations. A generation is 40 years from birth to maturity. If a nation has abandoned God and disobeyed Him, the fourth generation is destroyed. Our government has abandoned God. Our schools, judicial, state and federal governments are controlled by secular humanists (non-believers in God).

God’s warnings for each generation are shorten for brevity.

Generation 1: (1880-1920) Leviticus 26: 14-16 If you will not listen to me ... I will bring upon you sudden terror, wasting diseases and fever that will .... drain away your life.

Discipline: 1918 influenza infected 28 percent of Americans. More people died than in World War I. Life span decreased by 10 years.

Generation 2: (1921-60) If after all this you will not listen to me ... Your soil will not yield crops ...

Discipline: In one day, the stock market lost $30 billion (more than $4 trillion in today’s dollars). Dust Bowl destroyed 50 million acres of farm land.

Generation 3: (1961-2000) “If you remain hostile toward me and refuse to listen to me ... I will send wild animals against you, and ... rob you of your children ...

Discipline: Crime increased 313 percent, Vietnam war caused 55,775 deaths.

Generation 4: (2001-40) Leviticus 26: 23-25. If ... you do not accept my correction ... I will bring my sword upon you ... you will eat, but you will not be satisfied.

Discipline: 9/11/2001. Twin Towers were destroyed. Pentagon was damaged. Will we receive more discipline, i.e. severe drought, so that food is scarce and very high priced?

Fifth cycle of judgment: Leviticus 26:27-32 “If you do not listen to me but continue to be hostile toward me ... you will eat the flesh of your sons and daughters. I will turn cities into ruins ... lay waste the land.”

A 1/10 second incident would destroy our nation. The electromagnetic pulse from a bomb exploded in the atmosphere would destroy every computer in America. No communication, transportation or utilities. Anarchy would begin quickly, and cannibalism would probably begin in two weeks.

Same-sex marriage is open defiance of God’s will. Not just in this election ... We need to put priority on bringing our nation back to God. Our survival depends upon it.

Charles F. Scott, CPA/EA