The Ottumwa Courier

October 27, 2012

Tripp promotes the thinking Iowa needs


OSKALOOSA — People are always saying they want change. Few people have actually acted on the idea of positive change. Tim Tripp, candidate for the District 40 Iowa Senate seat, has worked to effect positive change. As an attorney, he works to assure that those entitled to Social Security benefits receive them. As a Pella School Board member, he worked to collaborate with the Knoxville School System to share the costs and benefits of a vocational training program. Tim promotes this kind of outside-of-the-box thinking — the kind of thinking that we need more of in Des Moines. Tim has the initiative that can make our political system work for all Iowans.

People are cynical and don’t trust politicians. We think they’re all bought and paid for by special interest groups. Well, Tim has rejected any money from special interests or lobbyists. Tim even turned down money from the non-partisan Iowa Bar Association even though he is a member of that association. He has said, correctly, that you can not truly represent your constituents if you have to pander to special interests. Tim’s interests include what we all care about: jobs, education, health care and fairness. Positive change can only occur when both parties talk to each other. Tim wants to be the instrument of change by being an instrument of communication between the parties.  

Tim has run a clean campaign. No negativity and no attacks. Attacks are easy. A campaign based on ideas and issues is more challenging but goes more to the needs of our community. We deserve a clean campaign so we can have an informed electorate.  

I am glad that I have already voted for Tim Tripp to get him a seat in the Iowa Senate. I’m glad I live in a state where it is so easy to vote early. I hope you will also vote for Tim Tripp.

Rick Vogel