The Ottumwa Courier

October 27, 2012

Obama an advocate of women’s issues


OTTUMWA — I am a woman. I want to see the re-election of President Obama. Women’s issues cannot be ignored. President Obama has been an advocate for women whether we look to health care, education or economic progress. He ended gender discrimination by insurance companies. It is now illegal to charge women more than men for the same coverage. Preventative care like mammograms, pap smears and birth control are now being provided by some insurers with NO co-pays or deductibles. These issues are not only keys to good health but also are so important to economic growth. Reproductive control is an economic issue!

Gloria Steinem stated recently that if all women and men received equal pay for equal work, women would on average make $147-$250 more a week, bringing in another $200 billion to the U.S. economy. Equal pay is a big stimulus!

President Obama has also made college and college loan payments more “doable” by doubling funding for Pell Grants. Educational support is a stimulus to growth in our economy!

President Obama’s opponent, Gov. Romney, refused to support equal pay legislation and the Violence Against Women Act. Gov. Romney wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood and wants to “nationalize women’s bodies by conferring legal personhood on a fertilized egg (G. Steinem, 2012).”

I want my daughter and my granddaughters to live in the 21st century where equity in the work place, honor and choice in health care, and support in their educational endeavors are moving forward, not backward. Women have come too far to have this happen!

Please consider these issues when you vote for president of the United States.

Please vote for President Obama.

Miriam Jones Kenning