The Ottumwa Courier

December 29, 2012

‘Communist America’ using crisis to drop hammer on gun owners


OTTUMWA — Has “Communist America” gone “crazy?”

I have a confession to make. As a lad ... I took guns ... in my car ... to high school. (GASP!) The guns were a pistol, rifle and shotgun ... all semi-automatics ...  today they’d be called “assault weapons.” (YIKES!) And, so did many of my friends. (SHRIEK!)  And, AND ... no one cared. (HUH???!!!)

Like many kids my age, I had a trapline and loved to hunt. In the mornings I’d run my traps ... going home I’d stop to hunt. No one was concerned ... because back then the words “school” and “shooting” were never used in the same sentence. Back then ... America had not yet lost its mind. Back then ... crazy people were openly labeled as “crazy” ... and dealt with accordingly. Back then ... we didn’t have a politically correct mental heath industry trying to convince us that being crazy ... was just like any other disease. (I don’t recall sleeping with one eye open ... after hearing that my neighbor had just been diagnosed with diabetes.)

Obama has a close friend and advisor by the name of Rahm Emmanuel. Rahm’s most famous quote is: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” As Obama was shedding crocodile tears over the insane Connecticut school shooting ... his heart was gleefully racing over the opportunities offered by this very real, INSANE, crisis.

Obama, Democrats and the mainstream media are taking full advantage of this “perfect storm” ... to drop the hammer on all American gun owners. Like all good Communists ... they fear and despise an armed citizenry. It is just that simple!

And, until America returns to its once-sane state ... arming teachers is the only answer to slowing the school shooting phenomena. Welcome to today’s America ... like it or not ... it is indeed ... just that simple!

Ed Dursky