The Ottumwa Courier

January 23, 2013

Karma will come back to haunt sign thief


OTTUMWA — To the person or persons who stole my grandpa’s “Sexy Rexy” sign ... Shame on you!

My grandpa, Rex T. Edler, left us two years ago on Dec. 28 at 11:15 a.m. in Des Moines at the VA Hospital. Since that time, I have acquired my own river lot much like the river place my grandpa had.

My grandma, Colleen Edler, gave me permission to hang my grandpa’s “Sexy Rexy” sign at my river lot on my river trailer. I was so proud. I knew my grandpa would be too. I could almost see him smiling. It was as if he lived on — became part of my river — the river that he loved and cherished so much.

Then tragedy. I went to check on my river lot to find my treasure, worth more than diamonds and gold GONE! My “Sexy Rexy” sign had been taken.

Heartbroken and beyond words to express what the loss of this sign means. I do not understand what anyone else could want with this old “Sexy Rexy” sign. But I can tell you what it means having this sign taken from me. It is like a piece of my grandpa, a piece of my lineage, my heritage being stripped away.

I believe in karma. I believe that what comes around goes around and that each person gets what he or she deserves. I believe we are the product of what we sow.

Just know, whoever you are, that everything you touch, everything you try to do or think about doing is going to crumble until you do right.

Return my grandpa’s sign or forever let it haunt you.

Amy Jo Durbin