The Ottumwa Courier

February 6, 2013

A need for better cable service in Ottumwa


OTTUMWA — I watch very little television but what I do enjoy I do want to see. Recently, I was looking forward to a new episode of one of my favorites “Person of Interest.” It is on CBS from KCCl-8 from Des Moines, which often experiences technical difficulties over our cable provider. But the new digital TV transition has blessed me with a back up via KTVO 3.2 which also carries CBS programming on channel 103.

That night, however, I knew I was in trouble because I was trying to view the local news for Ottumwa over the KTVO 3.2 channel when it began stuttering on the sound and ripping to shards on the video. By prime time it had become unwatchable. Checking the KCCl signal on channel 8, I found it to be even worse. Eventually the entire channel lineup toppled like palm trees in a hurricane. Needless to say, I was extremely displeased.

Now I am grateful for my housing here in Southoak Towers, but the OHA rules prohibit antennas and so any kind of satellite option is not available. Therefore I am a captive audience for possibly the absolute worse cable service in the nation. Which is not to say that there aren’t other bad services, but I truly believe that our current cable provider has beat out the others hands down. This is not first, or even the second or third time that this type of problem has occurred to me. My neighbors who watch their TVs more than I say it happens a lot in the mornings, usually, sometimes in the afternoon.

I would hope that we could somehow get a citizen group to exert pressure to improve our cable TV service. I realize we are not Des Moines, but we still deserve better service because I bet they don’t have these issues in the larger cities. Maybe our city leaders could stop fighting amongst themselves on everything else and rally with us all for better TV in Ottumwa.

Norman R. Moore