The Ottumwa Courier

June 29, 2013

New 'morality' is the old immorality

Ottumwa Courier

---- — In response to the letter, “Thank God for renewal.”

The universe functions under many laws. The law of physics dictates how the sun, planets, etc. operate. The laws of biology control how living things function and the laws of morality determine how people should behave. If we acknowledge that morality is written by God, then we are obligated to be subject to His sovereignty, and that is not a popular thing today.

Thanks to humanism, morality is no longer black or white, right or wrong, instead it has become many shades of gray, subject to the desires of man’s fallen condition. This may be popular, but the new “morality” is still the old immorality. The letter writer claims that we can have renewal and revival by embracing this new morality. No, we will never gain God’s favor by doing the wrong thing, and that is something the letter writer, being a pastor, should know. Maybe he should repent?

Alan H. Laird