The Ottumwa Courier

April 10, 2013

Dizzy the Clown is a hero

The Ottumwa Daily Courier

---- — We have a hometown hero among us, in my opinion. The gifts of sharing good character traits, inspirational messages for great behavior, the love for children and the betterment of our students that pours out of this person are immeasurable.

As a parent and an educator in the Ottumwa School District, I feel we are beyond fortunate to have the blessing of Dizzy the Clown in our community. In addition to the many assemblies regarding respectful actions, terrific reading skills and anti-bullying messages that she delivers to all the children at each school, Dizzy orchestrated a “flash mob” for children at North Hy-Vee recently. Children in fourth grade through high school, parents and educational staff were invited to participate. My fifth-graders were ecstatic to be involved. With the continued theme of “No Bullies in my School,” it reiterated how we all want to act and how we should be treating others.

With so much “yucky” in the world that is inadvertently among our students and children, it is a blessing and a gift to have positive influences like her touching our children’s lives.

By definition the word hero means ... a person admired for bravery, great deeds, noble qualities, one contributing to a certain field. This, in my opinion, is Dizzy the Clown. A special and grateful thank you for all she does for children and students in our community.

A definite hero! Thanks Desi!

Tracy Meister