The Ottumwa Courier

November 28, 2012

Request for re-audit a waste of money, effort


OTTUMWA — I am writing in regard to an article published in the Nov. 14 Ottumwa Courier.

The article reported that Councilman Mitch Niner filed a petition requesting the state auditor’s office to conduct a re-audit of Ottumwa’s sewer department last year.

Councilman Niner seems to think that he has the right to spend the citizens’ tax dollars anytime he wants to without regard to the validity of his accusations.

He not only caused many hours of the city employees’ effort at great expense providing the information that the state auditor’s office requested, he also caused taxpayers to pay for the state to investigate his accusations.

He showed a lack of respect for the other council members, as well as the employees of the city of Ottumwa. He noted after the state auditor’s office determined that there was no basis for a re-audit, that he expected “it was going to go that way.”

It seems to me that Councilman Niner should get down to the business of the city, work with the council and the employees for the betterment of the taxpayers of Ottumwa, and stop wasting the taxpayer money just for the heck of it.

Keith Caviness

former councilman