The Ottumwa Courier

April 6, 2013

Bailing student out was the right thing to do


OTTUMWA — I would like to respond to the letter writer who was critical of Indian Hills. I think it would be a good idea if people would get the facts straight before making comments that are published in our hometown newspaper.

In the first place, how is it immoral, unethical and arrogant for Dr. Lindenmayer to bail a student out of jail? Yes, it was against NJCAA rules, but it was the right thing to do. Would you want your son or daughter to spend the night in jail in a distant city that really doesn’t like our teams? In addition, the charges should not have been filed because the fan left the stands and tackled our player before the player struck him. Now, the charges have been dropped because there was really no case against him as he was defending himself so the player and his teammates were severely punished for a charge that was dropped. This doesn’t sound too fair to me.

In the second place, the game officials should accept some blame for the altercation that occurred directly following the game. Granted both teams were to blame for the fracas, but if the officials would have gotten control of the game, it would have never happened. These officials allowed too much trash talking and rough play to go on during the game. In addition, if SECC hadn’t blown a huge lead, they would not have been so frustrated and extended their frustrations to the actions after the game was over.

Since the arrest shouldn’t been made in the first place, how can you say that terminating the Hills season early was just? In essence, the team was found guilty before going to trial and I don’t think that is the American way.

Most people after learning of the circumstances feel that Dr. Lindenmayer did the right thing, and Indian Hills got a lot of positive national press for Dr. Lindenmayer’s actions in bailing the player out of jail. Parents realize that Hills will try to do what is best for their sons and daughters.

In closing, I am grateful that I have never been on a team with the letter writer as they have proven that you would not have my back, and that is what teammates are for.

Frank L. Parsons