The Ottumwa Courier

January 12, 2013

Eldon Fire & Rescue thankful for public service grant


ELDON — Eldon Fire & Rescue would like to acknowledge and thank the Wapello County Non-Endowed Fund of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation for their generous donation in the form of a public service grant to our department for the purchase of our new 6x6 ATV.

As most of us know, getting funding for new equipment can sometimes be challenging at best, and without the assistance of this fine group of people, this purchase would have been impossible.

Please know that your foundation is greatly appreciated and that your dedication to improving our communities and making them safer is most noteworthy. So, once again on behalf of Eldon Fire & Rescue and the citizens of our community, I say “Thank You.”

EMS Capt. Vince Bonner

and the entire

Eldon Fire & Rescue Dept.