The Ottumwa Courier

January 12, 2013

‘The Race’


OTTUMWA — They call themselves

human being,

I call them man

and woman being

They are not humane ...

And I want no part of it,

The world demise.

It’s the hatred,

The Lies, The BLOODSHED,

The disguise.

It’s making me ill,

I want to gouge my eyes

to see no more tears —

Countless tears, it’s the


And cruel beings.


I cover my ears,

Not in disregard to

your nightmares,


I cover my ears

to the sound of your pain,

As it becomes mine

And all I can hear,

And all I can feel

is the echo of endless screams

and sobbing,

the agony,

pure torture of thousands.

They walk this earth,

these beings,

They stomp on anyone in

their way, heartlessly.

They are merciless in

their quest,

this quest I call life

they call race.

Human. Race.

I have seen little

humanity in these beings.

They run to win,

I want to run to aid

the people who are

trampled upon,

by the masses of greedy,

selfish beings.

Life isn’t a race

to me it is Love.

This leave me

with one question.

Are you human?

Kandie Christy