The Ottumwa Courier

February 13, 2013

Name new school after Fahrney family


OTTUMWA — We have a beautiful new school being built on Mary Street. The question is, what should we name it? Most people would agree that it should be named Fahrney Elementary School. I know it is unpopular to name buildings after families in the community. It is very difficult to determine what family deserves this honor and what families don’t. The Fahrney family is no ordinary family. They started a scholarship for students in Wapello County for post-high school education 20 some years ago. It is called the Charles E. Fahrney Educational Scholarship. Annually they give out around 110 scholarships for $1,500 and $2,500 a piece for Wapello County students who are attending two- or four-year colleges. A student can receive this scholarship a maximum of four times. My children received this scholarship, and it helped reduce the financial burden of college. We have great teachers and administrators in Ottumwa who also received the Charles E. Fahrney Educational Scholarship. What a great way to honor a family who has given so much to the families of the Ottumwa Community School District.

Kathy Courtney