The Ottumwa Courier

November 3, 2012

President of America should act like American


OTTUMWA — The question of Obama’s birthplace is meaningless. Wherever he was born, he is not acting like an American. He saved the auto industry, and should have, but that was required for re-election.

An American would never have given 70 percent of the stimulus money (our taxes) to foreign governments and foreign business not even associated with the United States; would never claim to be protecting the environment by denying U.S. petroleum drilling, then pay for drilling with stimulus money in dozens of places in the southern hemisphere; would never whisper to Russians that he can do more for them after re-election; would never seek to disarm his own people; would never reduce U.S. nuclear warheads from 3,000 to 1,500 and seek to reduce to 300; would never engage in a deliberate plan to bankrupt the United States with unmanageable debt, just to give undeveloped nations a level economic playing field.

The day that the United States cannot borrow enough to pay its debts will be the start of the worst world depression ever. Your job will disappear and your insured bank account will be worthless because the government can’t pay. Social Security and welfare checks will cease for the same reason. Obesity will cease to be a national health concern.

Obama will go down big, by maybe as much as 50 electoral votes. I am voting for the American who acts like an American.

Paul Halferty