The Ottumwa Courier

November 14, 2012

Public officials should attend this government class


DRAKESVILLE — I enjoyed the Nov. 8 article on the government class at Ottumwa High School discussing the election results. The students seemed to have an intelligent and civil discussion.

Then in the next day’s paper, I read the article on the Eldon mayor being disappointed in the outcome of the LOST vote. Instead of accepting the results, she calls the voters uninformed and the ballot confusing and wants another vote. I’m sorry to say this attitude is common in public officials of southeast Iowa (Bridge View and Davis County High School both multiple votes until desired results).

The result of an election should be respected. Why a citizen voted for a candidate, for or against a measure, possibly not even voting at all must be accepted. Perhaps public officials in southeast Iowa should attend Mr. Guest’s class, and the students can teach them how to behave after an election.

Jerry Blazina