The Ottumwa Courier

April 20, 2013

Senate failed on background check vote

Ottumwa Courier

---- — Having lost a grandson to gun violence in 2003, I cannot understand why so many of the senators were against the background check.

My grandson was working at a Wendy's in Columbus, Ohio, when he was shot by an intended robber. The business was closed, and the 17-year-old punk robber attempted to rob the establishment by coming through the drive-up window. The employees had been told that if ever there was a robbery attempt to just stand back and let them have what they wanted. Scotty was standing with his hands up, but the punk shot him anyway.

My daughter here in Ottumwa was contacted, and they thought he could be saved. However at midnight she was told that he could not survive. She and I left immediately, but we arrived at the hospital a few minutes late.

Here was a life snuffed out at 27 for no reason at all. Somewhere this punk got a gun and took an innocent life. He was finally caught because he bragged to his girlfriend and she turned him in for the reward money. May God have mercy on the senators opposing the Senate bill.

Kermit Schwartz