The Ottumwa Courier

December 19, 2012

Danger of turmoil and power struggle


OTTUMWA — The Opinion Page from the Dec. 8 Courier contained two related articles: “In praise of checks and balances” and “Remember that eternity is coming.”

I’ll try to clarify the closing paragraph of the first article:

“It is the genius of our founders, reflected in our Constitution (of our Constitutional Republic when appointed or elected officers of government abide by their oath of office), that saves us from the destabilizing political turmoil and violent power struggles we see occurring in Egypt now (and may be coming soon in our country, under “Democracy” the rule of 51 percent over 100 percent of the population) and in other countries from time to time.”

Let’s take a look at the Constitution of Iowa relative to our subject “gay marriage.”

Start with Article XII which places the legislative, executive and judicial branches under the Constitution. “This Constitution shall be the Supreme Law of the State and any law inconsistent therewith shall be void. The General Assembly shall pass all laws necessary to carry this Constitution into effect.”

Article III, of the distribution of powers, Legislative department, General Assembly Section I (the style of every law shall be “Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of Iowa”).

The opinion of a panel of judges appointed, primarily, by attorneys at law based upon “merit” as determined by attorneys at law.

Understandably, “merit” is a willingness to violate their oath of office and the Constitution.

The majority of the members of the General Assembly of Iowa and the United States of America General Assembly must also be partakers of this “merit” since the Constitution provides means for impeachment of officers who overstep their bounds of authority.

In summary, the real danger of violent turmoil and power struggles is the ignorance of an electorate that elects and re-elects members of the General Assemblies and in particular the President that asserts himself as king or tyrant by hundreds of executive orders.

Reread Tom McInerney’s letter “Remember that eternity is coming,” but first the judgment by the Christian faiths, God of the Universe, guide of our founding fathers.

Dean Roemerman