The Ottumwa Courier

April 3, 2013

What is right changes; Obama doesn’t care


OTTUMWA — Let them define what is right, everything will be OK?

No. What is right changes from tolerance to acceptance to control and compliance. Look at the results of having the Department of Education in charge — less and less education and children who barely read and write. Recently, they found that over 70 percent of graduates of New York City schools can’t. But does our president care? The teachers belong to the right union. The president closes the White House to children. Kids, it is because Obama doesn’t care. It shows that ObamaCare is wrongfully named. It reflects his real attitude toward the economy, the Constitution and the middle class — call it “Obama Doesn’t Care.”

You can’t afford insurance, but you are not a member of the lower class “yet?” Obama doesn’t care. He really wants your $3,000 to spend. Obama doesn’t care. That Israel (surrounded by enemy states) just needs to get along and give them what they want. Israel, Obama doesn’t care. Your factory is closing? You belonged to wrong union and Obama doesn’t care. Your hospitals may be closing and your doctors leaving. Guess what? Publishing school defense plans? Obama doesn’t care. In fact, he would welcome another terrorist incident to help sell gun control.

In our own state, simply having photo ID to vote is attacked. Your identity is being stolen, America. The governor appointed gays to committees to help bring us up to their standards. What do you get when you combine the Oklahoma bomber and the Twin Towers?  Our governor seeking joyful response to having Muslims coming to America to build a fertilizer factory (the main explosive used in large homemade bombs).

I won’t vote for another Democrat “lite” from the Republican National Committee. I won’t willingly turn over my guns. I will not support gays having “special” times with school kids even if a judge orders it. I won’t turn my back on God to “lovingly” support ungodly acts. Believe in government over God? You are NOT Christian. I’m not going to join the right union, the Soviet Union. Only those who have never lived under communism or those who seek more power under it want America to become socialist.

Tom McInerney