The Ottumwa Courier

October 11, 2012

Loebsack not promoting our private-sector jobs


FAIRFIELD — Mr. Loebsack is running ads which are an insult to Iowans and especially to our area. He attacks the John Deere Company, which shows he has no idea how private industry works.

John Deere provides the most good-paying manufacturing jobs (over 15,100) in Iowa at facilities in Ottumwa, Waterloo, Dubuque and Davenport. They have also invested more than $1 billion at the Waterloo facility, which provided even more jobs for more businesses. I think this proves that John Deere has a strong commitment to Iowa.

Over 400 people just lost their jobs at Siemans (wind turbines) in Ft. Madison. Loebsack voted for the stimulus which gave millions of dollars for green jobs and now most of those plants are closed. How many Solyndras do you want your tax dollars to finance? Even now, he wants to vote for a second stimulus. And how ironic that Mr. Loebsack had no problem accepting $7,000 from John Deere PAC previously.

He simply does not understand private-sector job creation. John Archer does. Remember these facts when you go to vote.

Barbara Hirschler