The Ottumwa Courier

October 11, 2012

Meeting Biden the chance of a lifetime


EDDYVILLE — Just recently, my husband and I had the opportunity of a lifetime thanks to Nathan at the Democratic Party office in Wapello County. He chose us to get to meet Vice President Joe Biden.

Now, I have had a few opportunities to meet and greet a few of my favorite celebrities, and yes, with them I was star struck. But the feeling I had meeting the vice president was beyond star struck. I would say I felt like a pre-teen girl who was getting to meet Justin Bieber (without the screaming and crying).

The closer it came to being my turn to have my 15 seconds with him, the more my palms sweated and the more my heart raced. I believe my heart skipped a beat when I was introduced to him.

As I shook his hand and posed for my picture with him, I mentioned to him that my 9-year-old daughter was sad because she didn’t get to come and see or meet him. He then called for one of his staff members to escort me and my husband off to the side while he finished up. He wanted to write our daughter a little note.

His staff kept reminding him of the time constraints that they were on, which he ignored. He took some time with us asking us questions as he was writing this little note to our daughter. He wished her a happy 10th birthday. He then asked for our address so his staff could mail her a present. Then he remembered that he had a little trinket he could give her. He asked us to walk him to his car. (The Secret Service and staff had other plans.) However, within seconds, he came back with a beanie baby puppy which was a replica of his dog he got when he took office. Never once did we ask for anything from him. It was just an honor to meet Vice President Biden and get to shake his hand.

Again, I say thank you, Nathan, for this amazing opportunity, and thank you Mr. Biden for taking time out of your extremely busy schedule to take time with my husband and me.  

Beth Sapp