The Ottumwa Courier

October 25, 2012

Thanks for pain and suffering, local leaders


OTTUMWA — Why is it each time I attend a council session I leave with the same feeling I had when my dog died. I learned someone sent a hockey puck to the council board. They spent an hour trying to open it. We must give them credit for patience. Failing twice is no deterrence, they keep right on trying. When a session is called to order they do not know if to say here or not guilty. Only people I know who can strut sitting down. Pain starts when the roll call is taken. Being city administrator could cause you many sleepless afternoons. If for some reason their brains are tested, I would like drilling rights. A few, if asked “how are you” are stuck for an answer. The only social change here in 50 years has been the right to turn right on red. A position at City Hall required a personal interview. Question? What was your thoughts on Roe vs. Wade. Answer. Two ways to cross a river. I asked local law enforcement what was policy on cars parked unlawfully. After several tries he remarked “If I find an answer I will have it published.” May be a long wait. If this letter reads like a routine for a stand-up comic, it is just your local government at work. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, our errors and just life, we need more help than the mind can obtain. I heard this: Laugh at life for no one ever leaves it alive. So! To the local “leaders,” thanks again for the pain and suffering.

Max Hulen