The Ottumwa Courier

October 25, 2012

Tired of commercials during NASCAR


OTTUMWA — I and many others I’m sure are NASCAR fans. I want to tell you how disgusted I am with all the commercials they have. I am sitting here with my husband watching a Sprint Cup race and at 1:55-2 p.m. they had commercials, went back to the race at 2:01. At 2:08 the commericals started again, and when they came back they were under caution.

Now I have watched football and basketball games with not nearly the commercials.

Note: It is now 2:30 and they have had four commercial breaks. Now I think this is totally ridiculous when we pay what we do for cable.

If anyone agrees with me, I’d like to see your comments. I think Mediacom ought to do something.

Linda Glynn