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October 27, 2012

Loebsack fights for the district’s children

BLOOMFIELD — Dave Loebsack is a fighter for the citizens of his district. We have heard how he supports seniors, farmers, veterans and small business. What you may not have heard about is his support for children.  

With Dave’s support, the Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act of 2009 became law. This bill expanded the Child Health Insurance Program to cover 2 million more children.

Dave is a member of the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus and has fought for increased funding for the Drug Endangered Children program, the Victims of Child Abuse Act and Court Appointed Special Advocate. As someone who works with drug endangered and abused children, I can attest to how critical this support is.

Dave is a strong supporter of early-education programs and has pushed for universal pre-K in addition to better supporting and expanding Head Start programs.

Dave firmly believes that education is critical to getting back to an economy that works for all Iowans. As a member of the Education and Workforce Committee and co-chair of the bipartisan Rural Education Caucus, he will continue pushing to ensure our children get a world-class education and can compete in the global economy. He recognizes the diverse needs of each individual student and believe schools must have the resources and flexibility to address them. As co-chair of the Rural Education Caucus, he has worked to ensure that students in rural areas have the same opportunities as their peers.

Dave has worked hard to make higher education and job training available to all Iowans. He strongly supports Job Corps and has visited Iowa Job Corps sites. He has also introduced legislation to expand job training so that Iowans have the skills they need to secure good jobs. He fought for increased access to Pell Grants and student loans.

Dave is a champion for children. He will continue to fight for our children. Please support him Nov. 6.

Cheryll Jones


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