The Ottumwa Courier

October 31, 2012

No question about how to vote Nov. 6


ELDON — Should there be any question about the way we should vote? When I was young, I had no interest in government dealings, and now I’m 63 and have woken up to the importance of knowing what is going on this year. I’ve learned to start listening to those who are running for the most important job there is. It was said that when Obama took office that he was the first since Roosevelt that took office when our country was in really bad shape. Has it improved since he took office? I’m no worse off, but I feel he’s done well, and in four more years, we can be even better.

Why can’t we open our eyes and see where Mitt Romney is going to lead us. He has told lies from the beginning, and when it’s to his advantage to get votes, he swings back in favor of things. If he sends his money overseas, what will he do with our money if he gets in? Has he had to live like a lot of lower-income people? Look at what he will do with our Social Security, Medicare and our seniors. Are we a burden to our government? No, we have paid into those programs — it’s our money. Where do they get that we are a burden? Our veterans have and continue to fight for our protection — some have given their lives. Should they be deprived of anything for the sacrifices they have made? If we were in their shoes, would we be so brave? Out of everyone, they should be taken care of. They fought to protect us. Something is wrong if we don’t think they deserve more.

If Romney gets in, we are looking at hell, because he does not care about our seniors, our veterans or lower- to middle-class people. If he gets in, he’ll turn back to his self-caring ways. We will be in a world of hurt. If you vote for him, don’t go crying in your soup if he gets his way. Wake up and vote Obama. At least we will be taken care of, even if it doesn’t come to us on a silver platter. We’ve worked, we’ve paid in, give us what we deserve. Once again, vote Obama.

Kathy Pulse