The Ottumwa Courier

April 13, 2013

Say no to same-sex marriage

Ottumwa Courier

---- — “Legalizing same-sex marriage will put our nation on a slippery slope.” I hear the “slippery slope” analogy ... nonstop ... every day. The term is now so popular that everyone applies it to every political agenda that they oppose ... liberal or conservative. It may be time to come up with a new term ... because in the case of “gay marriage” ... it could not be more inappropriate.

“Slippery slope” implies that once we begin our venture into untried laws ... that first step will lead to a steep decline into some sort of dark and hellish abyss. It suggests that societal change, because of the new law, will only get progressively worse. In the case of same-sex marriage ... we step off a cliff ... and begin at the very bottom of that chasm.

New laws are always based on legal or societal precedent (has this ever happened ... or been done before). Never ... in the history of mankind ... has same-sex marriage ever been accepted as “law of the land.” Hence ... if we now allow gay marriage ... ALL currently unacceptable societal practices from our past ... by necessity ... will eventually become legal. Instead of looking down a “slippery slope” ... we’ll be gazing upwards from the bottom.

So, what do we see as we look “upward?” What have we found to be so repugnant in the past ... that civilized society as a whole ... has said “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” Polygamy: a man having more than one wife. Adults marrying children: a man marries a young girl (with gay marriage being law ... this could include a young boy). Brothers marrying sisters (or brothers). Fathers/mothers marrying sons or daughters. Wives becoming common (Sharia) law property. Etc.

All of these things HAVE happened throughout our history ... and will indeed happen again. By mandate ... our courts will have absolutely no choice ... but to legalize them all ... using “precedent” as their guideline ... and with same-sex marriage as the new high-water mark ... anything below that ... MUST be eventually declared legal!

If you find the things I’ve said to be ridiculous ... then I’d suggest that you take an objective look at American history from the past 50 years. You’ll find my suggestions to be easily believable at the least ... and realistically inevitable.

Same-sex marriage is no “slippery slope!” Instead ... it’s a headlong leap into the rocks of complete societal and moral decay.

Ed Dursky