The Ottumwa Courier

March 2, 2013

Kudos to James Grob on Indian Hills column


OTTUMWA — Hats off to James Grob for his column in this week’s Courier concerning the IHCC ban. It was well thought out and written extremely well. I feel exactly the same way and appreciate his ability to put it in to words.

We must remember that these young people, whether athletes or regular students, are young people who still need direction in their lives. Coach Peery has done a wonderful job to teach these young men how to live a respectful life. I am sad that these athletes have to learn a life lesson in the most difficult way. As these young men leave our wonderful small town, I hope they have learned a lesson that one quick decision can influence their lives in many ways.

Thanks again to Mr. Grob for putting a stop to “The War on 34” title. That was my first thought; we have for years promoted this rivalry as a war — is that really how we want to describe a sporting event involving our young people? Good job of writing a great column!

Connie Ferguson