The Ottumwa Courier

August 20, 2013

Heartland's explanation raises questions

Ottumwa Courier

---- — Chesea Davis' article of July 31 was informative. A quote from Stan McHawes, "I had been warned about them," said a lot. "As a last resort to keep them away from the shelter, I wrote the letter." Since board president Jean Sporer acknowledged she knew McHawes was sending the ban letters, I believe she's the source for all his comments. Jean told another volunteer, face to face, to stay away. If she'd used this "first resort" with me, HHS would have saved $6.11.

McHawes' reference to "the shelter's director last fall," sounded like he was there! Remember, he became an employee this May, so again must have been repeating Jean's story. His statement has no accuracy whatsoever, even the "roughshod" part! There wasn't a shelter director last fall. The shelter board had already appointed two shelter employees as co-managers earlier in August.

To clarify, "the Rescue Waggin' manager" that McHawes talks about that PetSmart wanted removed were the co-managers; there were no others. It's still bewildering to me that he can make statements as "an eyewitness," i.e., "they made appearances when each new director appeared to get in with them." I didn't see the new manager in January 2013, until a "meet and greet" for volunteers arranged by Heartland. Another new director contacted us to work assignments in order to continue RW transports.

McHawes' remarks are personal with me. "Why is this being made such a big deal," and "it's much ado about nothing," shows the rashness of a six-week manager displaying disrespectful flippancy! If he can do "this" easily, he will do it again to any employee or volunteer without question.

I think back and am thankful to PetSmart for the opportunity to be involved in transporting close to 1,400 canines. It was an incredible experience of fortitude!

Shirley Brown