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May 22, 2013

Ask for salvation now

Ottumwa Courier

---- — Ask for

salvation now

Matthew, Mark and John were eyewitnesses of Jesus — they wrote what they learned!

Read Matthew 10:28. There is a hell! Pray to God! Ask for salvation!

Ronald S. Davis


Spend money

on park

To the city council members, park director and the mayor: Where does the money go that they took in this year?

They need to spend some of the money to fix up the park. Fill some of the holes in the park. Also, they need to cut some limbs from the trees that rub on top of motorhomes and travel trailers for all the people that camp over there.

I have a motorhome, and I camp there when open.

Howard L. Murphy


Now the story

comes out

“First, they came for the Jews and I did nothing. Then, they came for me.” This is a shortened version of the warning that we’ve all heard before. It references Hitler’s fascist takeover of Germany. Today, we are watching this very same scenario playing itself out ... right here in America.

In just three weeks, we’ve seen three horrendous matters involving the Obama administration finally ... FINALLY ... come into the light of day.

Benghazi: Four Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists before last year’s election. Obama lied about the identity of the murderers and refused to tell us just why he refused to send military help. Informed Americans knew this, but the mainstream media refused to even cover this story, fearing that it would hurt his chances for re-election.

IRS intimidation: Since 2010, the IRS had been harassing and threatening Jewish groups, Tea Party groups and donors to the Romney for President campaign. Obama knew about and promoted this truly evil activity. Patriot Americans had been screaming about it for years. But, again, the mainstream media refused to cover the story because they knew it would destroy Obama’s chances for re-election.

Obama taps Associated Press phones: Last week we learned that the Obama/Holder team had tapped the phones of more than 20 AP reporters for over two months. They tapped reporters’ business phones, home phones, cell phones and all phones of everyone who ever talked to these reporters during this two month period. Now ... NOW ... the mainstream media suddenly takes an interest in finding out just exactly who this Obama character really is and are now covering the stories that folks like me have been discussing for over five years.

Folks like me have watched members of the “progressive” mainstream media purposefully not reporting on stories about the Chicago gangster known as “Obama” creating a low-information American public. Their inaction and dereliction of duty (based solely on ideologies) have allowed this man to cause irreparable damage to our nation. They have much work to do if they ever wish to regain credibility and trust from the American people.

If not for the serious and traitorous nature of the press’ behavior I would find humor in their dilemma, ignoring and supporting evil, until it finally touches them.

Ed Dursky


Cafos fight


Batavia and Eldon area residents have repeatedly asked the Adam family to not build Valley View Swine because of harmful impacts the 10,000-head CAFOs can have on their health, property values and quality of life. Yet the CAFOs are moving ahead. Another news publication quoted one family member as saying he feels his family went “above and beyond their duties” by participating in a meeting and answering questions.

After being witness to and a participant in many of the meetings discussing the CAFOs, it’s Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors, Inc. (JFAN)’s opinion that the family didn’t go far enough to address the communities’ needs and concerns.

Apparently, that’s also the opinion of more than 70 neighbors seeking legal counsel to help protect themselves. They are currently working with local attorney and JFAN’s legal counsel David Sykes who has teamed up with attorney Charlie Speer from Kansas City.

The Save Batavia and Eldon group has hope. Mr. Speer has a national reputation as the leading anti-factory farming attorney in the country. He has successfully protected many communities like Batavia and Eldon and currently has cases in seven other states.

Of course, it would be ideal to stop CAFOs before they are built. But the nature of Iowa law makes it more conducive to start litigation once a CAFO is up and running and the damage they cause is more evident.

Mr. Speer has a reputation of securing very high monetary awards. Mr. Sykes, too, has a successful history fighting CAFOs, working with JFAN and also as an independent legal counsel.

Save Batavia and Eldon will not back down. And they shouldn’t. To save a lot of unnecessary hassles for all involved, JFAN feels the Adam family would be wise to stop their CAFOs now and raise their hogs using traditional farming methods that don’t create harm.

Jim Rubis

president, Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors, Inc.


Cemetery needs

to be maintained

On May 18, we visited Shaul Cemetery in Ottumwa, and to our disappointment, we found that the grounds had not been mowed and looked like they hadn’t been mowed for quite a long time. We spent about an hour trying to find our loved ones’ gravesites only to discover that the trees had been removed and some of the stones moved from their original places.

We spoke to the caretaker, and he assured us that they would be replaced properly. My question is, why has the cemetery not been properly taken care of? We walked through deep grass everywhere. It is my understanding that the city is taking over the perpetual care. If this is true, the department that is in charge of this task is failing to meet the expectations of all of the families that visit. I can’t believe that the residents of Ottumwa would allow such substandard conditions.

With less than a week to go before Memorial Day, I would hope that the department that is responsible makes every effort to bring back the reverence that Shaul Cemetery once represented.

Carolyn Annis


America the


where have

you gone?

I cannot remain silent. I give voice to the thousands of unborn slaughtered by Kermit Gosnell, Philadelphia abortionist over a period of 31 years. Who came to the defense of the innocent during this shading of blood? Mainstream media remained nearly mute, dismissing the level of importance of this inconvenient truth in favor of giving endless daily accounts of the two-month Jodi Arias trial.

Reportedly, Gosnell ran his butcher shop from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., then his illicit pharmaceutical operation during the day. FBI/DEA agents shut down his illicit drug operation, prompting the closure of the abortion clinic.

Grand Jury records illuminated routine practices of this “clinic.”

Americans slept safely in their beds during the cries of the unborn being ripped from their mother’s wombs, and even six-month-old fetus being birthed “live” in toilets, then snuffed out by a “snipping” procedure severing the spinal cord. Health Department officials turned a blind eye and deaf ear despite multiple eye-witness complaints of atrocities, failing to order inspections or investigations for at least 17 years.

Politicians, voters and even professed Christians gleefully celebrated “women’s rights,” at the same time women were dying from botched abortion and countless others suffered permanent injury.

Jurors took 10 days to decided that these charges did constitute murder, following five weeks of testimony from former staff and viewing evidence of 45 corpses, stacks of body parts of babies displayed in jars or containers throughout the facility, blood on the floor and reused unsanitary surgical tools, with reports of live babies thrown in the trash.

A number of employees have plead guilty to homicide. Isaiah 5:20

Oh, America the Beautiful, where have you gone?

Kathleen R. Hawk