The Ottumwa Courier

October 3, 2012

Loebsack out of touch with our community


OTTUMWA — In a new TV ad, Dave Loebsack is attacking John Archer because he works at John Deere. John Deere, the 175-year-old American company that is very important to our community. He is out of touch with the global economy we live in.

As you know, John Deere is one of the top employers in a number of major cities all across the state. And here in Ottumwa, Deere and Company is the second-top employer! Loebsack’s new ad attacks a company that creates jobs for Ottumwa.

In following with his fellow Democrats, Loebsack is using the tactics of “distort, distract, destroy.” Mr. Loebsack himself should be exposed for moving to a new city so he wouldn’t have to run against a fellow Democrat. This points out to me that he is indeed wanting to be just a career politician and isn’t in touch with the citizens of his district.

Mr. Archer will be able to take the manufacturing and agricultural experience for John Deere to Washington.

We will not fall for these attacks, Mr. Loebsack. I am proud of John Archer. Congressman Loebsack should apologize for attacking a company that provides manufacturing jobs in our district.

James Gates