The Ottumwa Courier

January 5, 2013

Calling Ottumwa churches to repentance


OTTUMWA — The church is not being the “Salt of the Earth” or the “Light of the World.” I cannot point my finger at the wickedness of the world when the church is in the degenerate condition it is in. We must clean up our own backyard before start in on somebody else’s.

Several months ago, the Lord Jesus appeared to me in a dream. He descended out of the bright cloud in the northern sky. He was very sad. He said, “Oh, they have forsaken me!”

We have millions of converts who have joined themselves to the church because TV evangelists and pastors have promised them blessings, prosperity and the good life and that they want to go to Him. These people go to church, pay tithes, speak in tongues and keep on the religious rules without any genuine repentance and they believe they are going to heave.

But the truth is they are deceived. They still have idols in their hearts. These TV evangelists and pastors lead millions to conversion without any genuine repentance. Their sin still therefore remains.

TV evangelists promise blessings and prosperity for offerings. The church has set too low a standard, even lower in some cases than the world.

Unfortunately we have been true hypocrites in our lifestyles. We have not been setting a true Godly example to a lost and dying world.

I believe some local churches are full of false doctrines, traditions and fables. I also believe the disabled and mentally handicapped, and anyone that is different or poor and cannot give offerings and tithes, are treated very poorly by some of our local churches.

I have been taking a stand for truth but my voice is not being heard. Like the prophet Isaiah said “Who has believed our report?” I am calling the Ottumwa churches to repentance.

If the churches in the Ottumwa and Wapello County area come to repent, maybe others will follow.

Alan D. Cole