The Ottumwa Courier

January 9, 2013

Even the smallest of lives deserves kindness


OTTUMWA — There is too much hate, meanness and unkindness in the world today. This translates to school violence, murders, etc. Ultimately, the devil is behind all of these ungodly acts.

The Lord Jesus Christ wants us to be kind and love each other. The simplest way is to do no deliberate harm. Even small lives deserve consideration.

On Dec. 15, my sister-in-law related how she was traveling on Ferry Street with my brother in their car. Another couple, friends of theirs, were following. A small dog, a young male pug, was in the street, and they stopped for it. A man came up on foot to say that he had just seen an SUV swerve to hit it and take off. My sister-in-law says the little dog’s eyes looked up at them as if to say, “Please help me.” They put it in the other vehicle with their friends to go to the veterinarian’s office, and she cried the whole way out north. The dog had a skinned-up leg and looked to survive, but died of internal injuries before arriving. Of course, my sister-in-law was still crying in her sorrow over the needless death of a small innocent.

After a week or so, the dog’s owner tracked down my family, leaving them a letter of thanks for assisting her little pug and a picture of the dog. My sister-in-law gave vent to the tears again. I had to write this letter. Many say that those who will deliberately hurt animals will go on to hurt people.

Maybe with more mental health assistance or something, I don’t know, fewer two- and four-legged innocents would perish. The Lord Jesus Christ wants us to be kind and love each other. The simple basic start is to do no harm.

Dee Beghtol