The Ottumwa Courier

March 6, 2013

Both political parties responsible for problems


OTTUMWA — Will the finger pointing ever end? When will we recognize that BOTH parties have let “We the people” down and when will BOTH political parties accept responsibility for the many problems we now face? More importantly, when will “We the people” recognize that we are AMERICANS first and that political parties really don’t matter? The crux of the matter is that all of us are sinking in this ship together. Rather than addressing our many problems as united Americans, many of us still prefer to separate ourselves as Democrats or Republicans. Why aren’t we examining our own personal values before we select an elected representative, regardless of political affiliation? And why aren’t we questioning every candidate’s core values? Shouldn’t we be electing people that represent our personal values rather than electing someone who represents a political party? Where, oh where, is the sense of it all? The Titanic we call America is sinking, the last waltz is playing and we’re in such chaos that we continue to follow the leader right to the bottom rather than utilize common sense.

Jane Hodoly