The Ottumwa Courier

March 2, 2013

Still proud of IHCC players and coach


OTTUMWA — The basketball season did end too quickly, but I would like Coach Peery, his staff, and all the players to know how proud we are of them and the season they had.

For the sophomores, we wish you the best and will be following your future basketball careers, you all were a joy to be around. Thanks for choosing to be an IHCC Warrior, we will miss you. For the freshmen, we will see you next year, you can bet I will not be giving up my season ticket. To Coach Peery, you and your staff are the best, we hope to see you for many years to come. To Dr. Lindenmayer, a mistake may have been made, but I do not believe any of us would leave a young man in that situation. I for one am proud of you.

As for SCC, I believe they owe it to their opponent and guests to have a safe environment to play basketball in. Not only does the visiting team have to go in front of the home team’s bench to get to the locker room, but the SCC fans have access to the hall the visiting team has to use to get to the locker room. I believe the NJACC needs to look into these problems.

Craig Barrier