The Ottumwa Courier

October 25, 2012

Vote all write-in, independent, Libertarian


OTTUMWA — Presidents since our Bicentennial, Democrats and Republicans:

CARTER: My Commander-in-Chief ... Inept ... Failed to free American hostages ... Gave away Panama Canal ...

REAGAN ... Father of failed “Trickle -Down Economics”  ... Created generation of egotistical Yuppies who were only rich on paper but didn’t own shirts on their backs. Initiator of reckless credit card debt ... Cocaine shipped into Clinton’s Hope AFB in Arkansas fueled onslaught of major gang drug lords ...

BUSH No. 1... Ranking CIA head as cocaine shipments into Arkansas were blessed by our government, knowing that “undesirables” would be addicted and die, by crime, disease ... Too WIMPY to finish military job in Kuwait ... Schwarzkopf and Powell had the entire enemy army in sight, asking permission to destroy ... Bush said “Not prudent.” THOUSANDS of current troops would still be alive if Bush No. 1 was a MAN! Don’t forget Bush’s fatal quote: “Read my lips ... No new taxes ... “

CLINTON ... In bed with (not just Monica) the Republicans to impose NAFTA ... the VERY START of our trade deficit and subsequent unemployment that Democrats now blame on Republicans ... Millions of American jobs were lost to Mexico and Canada ... Obamacare was initially based on Hillary Clinton’s delusions ...

BUSH No. 2 ... Clearly history’s most INEPT President ... I remember 9/11 too well. Working night shift, asleep one hour ... My wife woke me ... We watched the second plane hit, I immediately said, “That SOB was in on it, knew it was gonna happen, let it happen and will use this against US to turn this into a police state!” Was I right? (Also, Hurricane Katrina .. “Brownie, you’re doin’ a hell of a job!”)

OBAMA ... Worst yet ... Sure he inherited Bush’s forest fire ... Pour WATER on the fire, STUPID! ... Not gasoline and rocket fuel! Saving Detroit jobs is one thing ... Bailing out billionaire bankers and sending US the bill is BEYOND RECKLESS ... Obama’s fatal quote ... “If I can’t turn this economy around in three years, I don’t deserve a second term ...” Well, he doesn’t!

Ron Paul for president!

Join me voting for all write-ins, independents or Libertarians!

Rick McClure