The Ottumwa Courier

October 27, 2012

Pay attention to the Constitution and Bible


OTTUMWA — Good morning everyone! Let’s keep the American flag still flying. Let’s pay attention to the good thing our forefathers left us — the Constitution. Get the Bible out, read it and go by it. Yes, our good old America is going down the tubes very fast — no more of the last four years. People sure don’t know “thou shall not kill.” How can the ones who do the abortions lay their head on the pillow at night? Or the one who has it done? God is recording everything in His book for the judgment day — that day is coming soon. Heaven to gain, Hell to shun. There are several ways to take care of the gap. Read your Bible. Who was nutty enough to start two-men or two-women marriage? People have lost all the love and concern about others — it is money nowadays. You go through the Pearly Gates? Let’s pray no more four years. Let’s keep Old Glory! God Bless.

Virginia Barnhart