The Ottumwa Courier

October 27, 2012

Tripp runs clean, positive campaign


CENTERVILLE — This letter is in support of Tim Tripp for Iowa Senate District 40. Having met Tim, he is well-spoken, articulate and makes a positive impression.  

Tim Tripp’s campaign is based on a few simple principles. He wants to represent the “PEOPLE” of District 40. Because of this principle, he doesn’t take lobbyist or special-interest money. Another of Tripp’s principles is to run a positive campaign. To do so, Tim Tripp is flawlessly sincere. He exemplifies these principles not only in his personal life but his public life. I trust and respect his judgment, and the state of Iowa would be fortunate to call him senator.

I strongly encourage you to support Tim Tripp for Senate District 40.

Ron Keller

retired school teacher