The Ottumwa Courier

October 31, 2012

Vote for new president is an easy decision


OTTUMWA — We have seen the epitome of a failed presidency. Eight percent unemployment for over 3 1/2 years, the longest such stretch since the Great Depression. Twenty-three million people who cannot find a full-time job. Fifteen million additional people forced onto food stamps. The highest poverty rate in over 50 years. The slowest, most jobless recovery in over 70 years.

Who would vote for four more years of this? Especially when we have another candidate who was very successful in the private sector, so he knows how our economy works and how to create jobs. A candidate who, as governor of Massachusetts, worked in bipartisan fashion with a Legislature of which 87 percent were from the other party. Together, they balanced the budget four years in a row, reduced their unemployment rate and their schools were rated the best in the nation.

Voting for a new president this election is an easy decision for anyone not blinded by their own left-wing ideology.

Randall Bradley

Ottumwa business owner